Friday, January 23, 2009

Forex Trading Software for MAC

More and more people seem to be requesting forex trading software for MAC computers. I’ve been there myself, facing the struggle trying to find the ultimate trading software for making this possible.

The thing is that most likely every application that is built for trading (forex trading platforms, forex expert advisors, forex autopilot systems) is made for Windows based computers – unless you can be good with a Java web based platform.

Virtualization on the other hand opens for new opportunities for those traders who love to stick with their MAC, or even Linux computer.

Virtualization means you can run another operation system virtually alongside the current one you’re on right now all at the same time without needing to reboot.

So get your hands into some setup configurations and within an hour or two you should be ready to enjoy your favorite forex trading software right from Intel MAC computer.

I’ve put together several options on which one you could choose. You’ll find the each different setup configuration linked below.

1. VirtualBox is great, it’s also a freeware! How to setup
2. Parallels Desktop offers a 30 day free trail. Full license from US $ 79.99
3. WMware Fusion also offers a 30 days free trail. License key from US $ 79.99

Take your time and do some testing with the different virtualizatino software’s. Then if you go for one of the paid ones you can easily apply for the license key to use the full version when you have tried it during the 30 day “test period”.

I hope this article was helpful and made a wish come true for those wanting a solution for forex trading software for MAC. Happy trading!